From the Wall Paintings to the Architecture                Hope             1964967_617281251654823_751467977_n


Architecture and Human Identity

“If architecture, unlike art in general, cannot be a solipsist expression of the artist-architect, but due to its specific diversity of discipline even the construction technique must relate to the concept of functionality and territoriality, it cannot be separated from its relationship with humans; this is also why it is essential to understand the creative, and not only the technical and rational, process that leads to the creation of an architectural work. A creative process that is clearly different depending on the thought governing it and inextricably linked to the human identity and technique of the architect.” [M. Fagioli]

Irrational thought in Architecture

The topic of this research spans a century starting from the early twentieth century up to the present day to demonstrate, through images that illustrate examples of architectural works, how the architectural image has changed from the formative years of the Modern Movement, developed in connection with the research of the Avant-garde, up until the transformation taking place and seen in the results of the latest architectural works created in China, a place of large-scale architectural experimentation as a contemporary scenario.