“Long Deng – Feng Meng” Village – Cultural Center




The Concept of Light as a Dragon is referred to the image of the Dragon in Chinese art, image also present  in the Eastern Culture. The Chinese icon presents the Dragon as a concept of strength and a positive expression, formally the Dragon is represented in movement and often in relationship with another mythological Chinese figure “the Phoenix” .

This dynamic type of relationship of meeting and life represented in the Chinese Art and Culture is the first mental impression of the Project for the Cultural Center.

The Urban Context

Is considered to be a possibility of crossing and entrance into the area of the site. The rectangular  shape of the area, in relationship with the view, is cut by a transverse course that architecturally becomes a “promenade architectural” inside the course of the building. The area is cut by a transverse pedestrian bridge, created to be a walking area. This diagonally line is real meeting point of the intersection of the Long Deng-Feng Meng. The intention is to integrate the course and the image of the Center with the surrounding territory destined to be a Park and an open shopping area consisting of three pavilions and shops. The commercial touristic activities are maintained by spaces for the cultural activities. The outdoor spaces are equipped with gardens, pools and greenery.