Memory of the Sea


The Memory of The Sea


The Briccole Competition (Table)- Riva1920-Cantù – Italy, July 2012

JaXin Architect: Zhaleh Tasir Nafas & Francesca Serri


The proposed image for the table of the competition is the result of a search in the urban context of Venice.

Through the space of the city is perceived line of Venetian history, the history of the Maritime Republic and a period of great discoveries between people of different cultures.

On meeting, the uniqueness of Venice the words that come to mind are among the many: multiculturalism, difference, color, intersection, memory and sea.

The table “The Memory of the sea”  is the result of a personal quest that starts from our relationship with the architecture. In make this particular context was our intention to make greater use of material as well as conceptual image the undoubted material expression of the natural wood modified by the physical presence of water, we wanted to present the table as an object strongly related to the context of Venice, in an attempt to make the idea of lightness and movement suggests that the memory of the sea.