LOFT  “Above the city ” 2009 Florence suburbs

The first image refers to the work “Above the City” by Marc Chagall 1914-18, the apartment is located
at the eighth floor and have a panoramic terrace treat as a garden. The first idea was to integrate
the outdoor space of the terrace ‘with the indoor environment by creating an open space.
Designed and livable in many months of the year, integrated with the studio
where my client was supposing to live as private studio.
The furniture were also designed keeping constantly present the idea of “hug as affection” as curved line .
The emotion described by Nazim Hikmet’s lines:

I kneel down: I look at the earth,

the grass,


little stems blooming with blues.

You are like the spring earth, my love,

I’m looking at you.

I lie on my back: I see the sky,

the branches of a tree,

storks on the wing,

a waking dream.

You are like the spring sky, my love,

I see you.

At night I light a campfire: I touch fire,




You are like a fire lit beneath the stars,

I touch you.

I go among people: I love people,



struggle .

You are one person in my struggle,

I love you.