Girasol-Latin Bar

Girasol Latin Bar- Son e Madeira – Florence    was designed and realized during the summer 2001 .
 Was my first interior design that I took care of the project totally by myself. I designed the configuration of the new Latin cafè, furniture, counters and lamps,lights design for the concerts and live music concerts, wall paintings, and personally realized sculptures as well.

I worked hands on side by side with the contractors at the project with people, carpenters and electricians and flooring mason.  The previous concept wasn’t respected by the owner of the place that add normal pop decoration. The final idea of a Latin American street with colors, lights and materials and atmosphere was realized.  The huge space was opened to be live in a more dynamic way, and were built platforms and stages for the seats, the “user spectator” must to feel the idea of walking along a central Latin street.The space had 2 floors , 2 bars counters . had A huge underground floor with seats and stage for live musics.

Colors and installations were inspired by Cuban and Brasilian art and poetry on the ancient Cuban songs written on the walls, also the wall painting not realized as requested were inspired by Oscar Niemeyer art works.

Actually the Latin bar – was reduced to a “club trattoria” .