Ar.Francesca Serri

Arch.Francesca Serri

Francesca Serri was born in Forli, Italy.

The passion for architecture began since childhood,when she started painting at her mother’s studio “Atelier”.Between paint and canvas her imagination wove spaces and scenery.Even now her job is strictly connected with art.She thus collaborated with other colleagues and designed several projects and patterned her own approach to architectural creativity.

 Francesca Serri, has a Master Degree from the University of Florence specializing in Architecture Design. She is a student of Professor Marino Moretti of the University of Florence. Her degree thesis was about the  accelerating urban planning in contemporary China. Researcher on the urban and contemporary architectural context, currently works as an architect in Italy with a focus on  connecting artistic and creative practice with  architecture. Ongoing projects in Cameroon, Japan and Italy exploring the relationship between creativity and sustainability on Architecture and Furniture Design as well. Her research refers to the scientific discoveries and Theories of Human Birth of the Italian psychiatrist Massimo Fagioli.

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Suzhou, China                              Masterplanning the Future                                                                           MT.P.F      Conference     2012

San Antonio, Texas                    Borders and Boundaries in a Age of Global Urbanization               U.A.A         Conference     2014

Honolulu, Hawaii                      Hawaii University International Conference                                        S.T.E.A.M    Conference     2015